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Needham Royalty Company, LLC


What sets Needham Royalty Company, LLC, apart from other mineral purchasers is our ability to evaluate properties in-house, in a quick and efficient manner.

Our experts analyze all of the pricing variables for the acquisition of minerals/royalties on a play-by-play basis to ensure a detailed, accurate valuation. This includes both the areas where oil and gas can be produced in commercial quantities and the number of wells that can be drilled there. With our resources available in-house we can deliver comprehensive evaluations every time, so our acquisition partners and clients can get an in-depth understanding of the value of their royalties.

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We take the time and effort to make sure every mineral property is thoroughly and properly valued. Our team goes through a comprehensive process that examines the many factors that impact the value of your mineral property. 

Our expert team of oil and gas professionals review:

bullet-dash Mineral title.
bullet-dash Production history.
bullet-dash Reservoir characteristics of each well.
bullet-dash The well operator’s track record and financial position.
bullet-dash Drilling techniques and condition of the equipment.



The Needham Royalty process gives you an opportunity to meet with us, ask questions and consider all of your options.

We also examine the current price of oil and natural gas in the U.S. and abroad, oil and gas futures, global usage patterns and projections for future demands. In the end, we will have thoroughly analyzed every aspect of your interest and our investment before we make an offer. We will do so knowing our offer represents a fair acquisition price for you and a good investment for us.



We understand the decision to sell minerals and/or royalty interests can be difficult. To many, it is more than just a “financial” decision—it is an emotional decision as well. For some, the rights to the land have been in their family for decades, if not generations. Our understanding of the process goes much deeper than just a “back of the napkin” calculation of production and price. No, our team will walk you through the legal, financial and tax ramifications of making a decision to sell. It has to make sense for both you and us.

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